Body Fat Percentage Calculation – The Ideal Formula to Calculate Fat

Now, why would you want to know how much fat is on your body? The idea is that if you have a standardized measurement of what constitutes a healthy body, you would be able to keep within that limit in a manner which helps your body to function properly and normally while keeping you looking slim and trim. That is the reason why, a body fat percentage calculation is necessary and should be undergone regularly, so that you get to know whether your dieting programs are working properly. A regular body fat calculation goes a long way in helping you get rid of that extra body fat, methodically and systematically.

Many people are looking for the easiest ways to calculate the body fat percentage, because they suddenly find that extra doughnut settling on their waists and hips. In fact, a large number of people have become almost obsessive about losing that extra weight, not for health purposes, but for aesthetic purposes. What they do not understand is that the body needs some fat, especially if you are a woman.

So, if you find yourself on a starvation diet, just because you want to be as thin as a bean pole, not only are you going to subject your body to plenty of health hazards, but it is going to have a detrimental effect on your body in the long-term. Nevertheless, a body fat percentage calculation is necessary for a health-conscious person, so that they manage to get rid of that extra fat in order to keep their body functioning normally and properly. Some amount of fat should be displaced, so that it does not wrap around the vital organs of the body and impair their functioning.

By using body fat percentage calculation the right way you will know how to calculate your BMI in a methodical fashion. Once you get the figures, you are going to get the best way to reduce them accordingly. It is absolutely necessary to make sure that your BMI, if you are a woman, should be between 19% to 25%. And if you are a man, the BMI rating should be between 12% to 18%. Muscular men have a BMI rating of about 2%!

So, how do you go about measuring fat from your body and is a body fat percentage calculation easy to do? The body fat percentage is calculated by the body mass index. Now, this can be done very easily, by writing down how much you weigh (right figures please!). This weight is going to be multiplied by 703. After that, note your height in inches and multiply it with the same number in inches. Now, you are going to divide the weight results with the height result. There you are, that is your BMI. Remember that the weight is more important than the height so calculate the amount needed to be reduced accordingly.

A body fat percentage calculation is absolutely necessary for a person who is extremely health-conscious and wants to get rid of all that extra fat. Remember that your body needs some extra fat, and that is the reason why it is going to be harmed if you put it on a long-term starvation diet to get rid of all those extra pounds around your stomach and thighs.