In Touch With Health Matters

There are many different ways to determine body fitness. Often, the level or percentage of fat is a contributor to major diseases. Several ways to test for this include calipers and an immersion method called hydrostatic weighing. Both require consultation with a health care provider. The first includes applications of calipers or clips placed on fat concentrated areas like the upper arm, tummy and the thighs. The latter is the most accurate which require immersion in water. A simpler and less inexpensive way is the BMI or Body Mass Index. This method is not as conclusive as the previous ones, but it is highly suggestive of health problems.

BMI can be calculated by following a simple formula. First, the weight in kilograms is obtained through a standard bathroom scale. Then, the height in meters squared is obtained through a measuring tape. The weight is then divided by the height. The English system also has a BMI formula. The weight in pounds is divided by the height in inches. The result is then multiplied by 703, a standard conversion factor. This is traditionally calculated manually with the use of a calculator.

With the onset of technology and the rise of the internet, modern means are discovered. The BMI weight calculator now exists in the World Wide Web for free. These are now many websites that offer this service which aim to promote health awareness among people. Certain phone applications like the iPhone features a BMI calculator to make every calculator handy, hassle free, effortless and not too costly. The spread of these specialized calculators has allowed everyone to be in touch with reality on their health.

The BMI weight calculator has brought a lot of positive changes in terms of people empowerment. Since the calculator is found everywhere, anyone can be part of the screening and prevention process. This online or phone based application allow lay people to know whether or not their weight per height belongs to the ideal range. By being part of the calculating process, there is more participation and more control. In psychology, people become more interested and thirsty for knowledge if they become a significant member of the process. Moreover, there can be lesser hesitation on the divulging of weight and height part. Some individuals especially women may find it hard or embarrassing to spill out the weight to someone who might ridicule or make fun out of it. Moreover, the cloud of doubt regarding alterations in results is removed because the program is standardized.

This calculator can reawaken consciousness to any person. It is human nature to seek further information or even consultation if anything strange or abnormal is discovered. Whether underweight or overweight, individuals want to look for ways to make them become back in shape once more. As such, the calculator can help anyone realize the importance of being healthy and fit by following a healthy lifestyle. Websites with these calculators usually have side information on proper health habits like eating a balanced diet, regular exercise and sufficient rest or sleep.